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Hi all,

I have a 05 DC with the 8-speaker JBL. I'm replacing my head unit, and (with the Metron 80-8117 bypass) am using its amp rather than the stock JBL amp. But I have some questions I haven't been able to answer:

1. Crutchfield said I need bass blockers. I'm presuming this is for the tweeters, but since there's no blocking (presumably) occurring from the new head unit, would I also need blockers for the front midrange speakers? If so, would these be the same 5000 Hz bass blockers I got for the tweeters?

2. Where in the circuit do I install them? I wanted to install them where the Metron bypass connects to the existing connector (by the old amp), because then I don't have to open the door. But since the tweeters "loop back" to the other speakers, does this mean I have to wire the blockers right next to the tweeter?

3. And again, if I need blockers for the midrange, where in the circuit do I install them?


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