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Posted this in tire section but that area of the forum doesn't appear to have much traction these days lol

So here i sit torn between tires.

2013 MGM DC TRD Rock Warrior
Bilstein 6112 with CB shims
Bilstein 5160 rear
CB +3 shackles
CB bearing drop
Diff drop
Total chaos uniball upper control arms.
315/70R17 Cooper STT Pro

Truck has been setup like that since april 2016 and 41k. Truck now has 88k. I got some serious good life out of that rubber. However I'm not sure if the stealership had my alignment slightly off or what the deal was but I got some unusual wearing of alternating inside tread blocks. Anyways I've pushed these bad boys to the max mileage wise and its time to replace.

My wife drives the truck more than I do these days since I got a take home work truck (2012 ram 3500 DRW megacab diesel). When we had our son we sold the wifes car and shes been DD the tundra. So I was contemplating ditching the STT Pro and getting the st maxx or another aggressive at tire. Honestly I just love the way the mods look but I she would appreciate a little quieter tire.

Now I have the st maxx on my ram and they have been good for the last 10k. They arent as ooolalala looking as the pros but I can get over it. Will they last longer? One can hope. Now I notice the st maxx is a d rate tire instead of an e. Will I be losing anything besides a.small amount of sidewall strength?

Opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Trying to get her new shoes in the next week.

  1. Note offroading for me these days is beach riding on vacation, farm fields, logging roads and forestry roads ni in the mountains during hunting season. Maybe a few river/ creek crossings mixed in. I dont go looking for mud holes like in my youth.

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Toyo Open Country A/T’s are what I had last on my Tundra. Got like 75,000 and changed them early because my wife drives it and I was getting worried about braking distances increasing in the rain, which they were. Put the old Toyos on my Durango. If I was to guess, probably have about 5/32 left on them. Still good for a while.

I use the same Toyos on my 03 Ram 3500 SRW I use for work. Half of my driving is pulling RV’s. I put 95,000 on 2 when I backed up a curb and over my mudflap. Ripped the mudflap off and under my right rear and put 3 1/4” sheet metal screws through it so I replaced those early. Got just over 115,000 miles out of the other 2 that I immediately had put on the back which wear about 3x faster than the fronts the way I use my truck.

I can’t recommend them enough, they’ve been great tires. Also, the only issue I’ve had with 3 sets is one bad valve stem, not even related to the actual tire. Never had to have one patched yet. Don’t know if I’ve just gotten lucky or if they have a super thick carcass that’s very resistant to nails. All 3 sets ive run have been 10ply.

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