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Which wheels do I get...Hub centric or not?

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Quick question,

I'm looking into getting these rims for my 05 DC 4x2...

Dick Cepek DC-1

So I would be getting these in 17x9, 6-5.5 bolt pattern, and 4.53" backspacing. Problem is they come in either HUB CENTRIC and Not hub centric. So which ones fit my truck? Thanks in advance.

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Hub-centric will fit. The "not hub-centric" wheels are typically for chevy's and such, because their wheels are lug-centric. The only bummer about aftermarket wheels for our trucks is that sometimes the center caps won't fit that come with the wheels, because we are hub-centric.
Hub centric wheels and the center caps on these particular rims will fit no problems, those wheels look great on a Tundra, I just had a set put on.
those are nice wheels the black ones look good too
Those are sweeet wheels!!! I like 'em a lot.
Are trucks use hub-centric, but you can run lug centric wheels too.
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