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I have 30,000 on my 2008 Hybrid Camry. I love it. Period.

I had a persistent transmission fluid leak from the left axle between approximately 23 and 26K. Dealer finally was able to correct this leak. I now hear a whirring noise that I do not recall hearing previously.

Dealer says no problem, it's normal. this is the same dealer that took 3 times to fix my trans leak. The first time, they said it was oil from th eoil change..... it was red....

Repair dealer is not th eselling dealer as I bought the car 2 hours from home as no local dealer had the car availible, and would only sell at MSRP. Selling dealer sold at 500 over retail.

OK, to you dealers and service guys out there, do dealers other than your selling dealer really give the same repair service?

Lastly, is this whirring sound that is loudest about 65 mph normal?

I note I got 43 mpg on a trip of 500 miles last month.

:yo: thanks
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