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Who's truck did I see....

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Ok, I was at the dentist today :cry: and the building where its at is in the center of Hopkinton, MA near the Fire Station. There was a blue tundra (99-02) with black fiberglassed front fenders and hood. I parked in front of it...then headed into Boston to pick up my wife. I was on Commonwealth Ave and saw the same truck! :eek: I had to do a double take, I mean what are the chances! So I'm wondering if that person is a member on here. Sweet truck! :tu:

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That's totally weird. Happened to me the other day. I was in Boston and I saw a banged up truck that had very distinctive battle scars then at work (I work in Rhode Island) I saw the same exact truck and driver in providence on the same day.

Made the world feel a lot smaller.
Take some pics if you can next time.
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