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wifes camry

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40,000 miles

Rear rotors resurfaced because of a grinding noise when the car is off and in park. Also added new pads. Problem was gone for about 2-3 weeks. Noise/problem came back.

Now, 2 months later, the same wheel that was grinding/making noise when it was parked, is now making the same noise while driving (applying brakes).

Any thoughts? I am going to call the dealer today to complain since this will be thier third shot at the same problem...
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Not sure exactly about your noise. I just had to do mine because the left rear wheel was binding up. It seems like after a wheel the grease dries out in the caliper bolt where they slide in and out. The tend to stick and not release causing the pads to wear prematurely. I would check those and make sure all four are well greased.
One thing I do know for sure, OEM works best when it comes to pads. I've tried after-market in a couple different Toyotas and they make all kinds of racket. Went away immediately with OEM pads. Be sure to check the rotors out good before changing out, though.
1. fully clean off the old grease used.

2. apply new fresh grease to the slides.

3. Most important Check to mack sure they:

a. didn't Throw away your Anti Rattle Clips (These bring Back the tension to the Pads to Slide back away from the Rotor)

b. if the are still there. Make sure they have "Enough Tension and Spring" in them to push the pads back away from the rotor.

*the Anti Rattle clips look like V-Shaped Paper Clips above the pads.

good luck.
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