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I'm off to a great start for 2020. My 2007 5.7L 2WD Tundra CM has left me stumped, not to mention stranded...

When I went to start it, I heard a single click. Then, I couldn't use anything electrical, not even the headlights or turn signals. When I hooked up the jumper cables to my dads truck, you can hear it start to turn over and then quit. The battery tested good at two different auto parts stores. When I reseated the battery cables, it did the same thing, a single click and then no juice.

Here's what happened in the days leading up to this, in a detailed story. Grab your popcorn! A few days ago, the airbag light came on. I waited a couple days to see if the light would go away on its own but it did not. I then disconnected and reconnected the battery. The light was still there. I started and drove it twice after that. On the second time, I was getting ready to leave the parking lot when the whole dash lit up like a Christmas tree, then turned back off. I know the dash lights typically do this upon startup, but this was well after startup. Anyway, the lights went off, except for the airbag light. As I drove it home, I did notice the headlights appeared to flicker. They also seemed to go out completely for a split second every time I hit the brakes. After I parked it and tried starting it, that's when I got the mysterious click.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I'm hoping it doesn't have something to do with the secondary air injection. One of my valves was stuck closed and the other was stuck open, so I installed the Hewitt-Tech bypass kit about a year ago and have had no issues
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