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UPDATE: Dead battery. :rolleyes: It must have been close to dead, but it didn't help to leave the ground wire connected while working. It took less than an hour to drain it with just the dome lights lit. Charging did the trick. Rookie move. :td: :eek:

Original post:

OK, I'm an idiot. While trying to install a Gentex temp/compass mirror in my 06 SR5 AC I did something that disabled the starter. I have a Karr Alarm system that I suspect is the problem. I didn't unhook the battery while running the wires, installing the temp. probe, and replacing the mirror. I was going to do that when it came time to make the final connections. I got as far as fishing the wires from the mirror down into the driver's side footwell by the fuse block, and pushing the temp. probe wires through the firewall grommet.

Then, I went to start the truck to run an errand before making the final hook up, and ... click, click, click. The starter didn't engage, so the engine is not turning over. The battery seems to have a full charge. Lights are bright and the clicking is strong and regular. Normally, when the alarm system disengages the starter it doesn't make any sound at all. The clicking is something different. Like when the battery is low. I will put it on the charger just in case.

I may have bumped an electrical connection block associated with the Karr Alarm that is located right on the other side of the firewall grommet. I was using a coat hanger to shove the temp probe wires through the grommet.

The tank is about 1/4 full. I heard that might be a problem. It's parked on a level surface. I tried disconnecting the ground wire from the battery for 10 minutes, but it didn't help.
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