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Worth Upgrading Limited Slip Differential?

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I have a 2000 V8 2wd Tundra and simply want to be able to drive on the beach (Galveston/PINS) and would like to be able to not get stuck. Will upgrading to the TRD Limited Slip Differential (Part #: 00647-41301-100 ?) give me a fighting chance of not getting stuck to often? I know it depends on driving skill and I'd have the tools to dig myself out...
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The price isn't that bad for the LSD and install, so even if you weren't going on the beach, I'd say get it for sure. I had the TRD LSD in my 2wd Tacoma and I loved it every bit.

As far as it actually helping you not get stuck, that's debatable. The conditions of the sand will play a big role, but not having a lead foot in the sand will help.
Will upgrading to the TRD Limited Slip Differential (Part #: 00647-41301-100 ?) give me a fighting chance of not getting stuck to often?..
YES:tu: You can still get stuck with an LSD BUT it is far better than just a regular open diff., I find my LSD works so good that I hardly even need to engage 4WD unless things get really bad.:)
Try this site for a deal.

TRD Limited Slip Differential

Total with shipping was less than $300.00

To answer your question, Yes, it's worth it.
Get the lsd, I go out with another tundra group once in awhile, one of the times was at pismo beach, ca. Most of them are 2wd with lsd, and had no prob getting through the sand. Take into mind that you prob should airdown to about 10 or 12 psi, makes a big difference.
Ron, Just curious if you have someone in Houston you trust to install the thing. I am still looking for someone to install my stereing rack bushings.

I wouldn't mind doing either but at this point I don't have a day free to devote to it.

Spring, Texas
I tried to get stuck and test out my lsd lst week at the beach. There were a few deep potholes (2+ ft) filled w mud and I couldn't get it stuck. If you know how to drive, it is very useful and minimizes the need for 4wd.
I'm also thinking of getting a LSD. I don't do much off-road stuff but I pull a boat on a dirt/gravel incline and cannot get much traction. I'm also going to get new tires but I would rather not get an all-terain tire becuase I mainly drive on the street. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the TRD LSD plus a tire like the BF Rugged Trail tire would satisfy my needs?
Paying the dealer to install a TRD/KAZUMA LSD in my
2002 4WD Tundra was one of the best mods period :tu:
I'm also considering a LSD on my 06 DC. The TRD web site states..... This TRD Limited Slip Differential will only fit vehicles that come equipped with 12 Bolt, 8”Ring Gear with 30 Spline. How do I know if my 06 2wd DC regular rear end has this ring gear?
Just wondering H20_Man, what was your total cost (parts and labor) for your LSD?

Just wondering H20_Man, what was your total cost (parts and labor) for your LSD?

I'm not H20_Man, but my cost was 299 shipped for the LSD and 350 for the install.
I might buy one this summer. What are some opinions on the Detroit, powertrax, and the trutrac lockers? Compaired to the TRD?

They are all listed here.Welcome To ACCU Auto Parts
For those that really want a good LSD, go with a Detroit Truetrac. It is a gear driven LSD unit that will NEVER wear out. The TRD LSD uses clutch plates that over time will wear out. Although they will probably last quite a long time, I'd rather have something worry free.

Detroit TrueTrac® Differential
Spend another 200 bucks on a CO2 tank, air your tires down like he said 10-12PSI, and you'll be fine.

If you keep them at street pressure, you're risking getting stuck even with the LSD.
Is there a functional difference in the aftermarket TRD LSD and the LSD that comes with the truck?
I think the stock LSD and the TRD LSD (which I can't get from my dealer, he claims you can't get it anymore) are the same animal. Both are made by Eaton according to my research. FWIW, I got a quote from a local 4x4 shop for the Eaton version for $542 with a $450 installation. This is in League City Texas.
Eaton makes two, one for TRD(Kazuma) with a 200lb preload and one for themselves with a 400lb preload. Or it's the other way around, can't remember and not sure if the consumer would be able to tell the diffenece. In any case that's all I know of the differences between the two.
I had an eaton gov lock on my silverado and I don't want another one on anything I drive. ARB makes an air locker that works like a regular open diff until you engage it. The factory lsd seems to be working just fine for me.
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