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XM Satellite for 2007 Prius

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purchased an 07 prius xm ready. was told i needed to purchase an XM satelitte receiver and adapter. I was quoted $299 for reciever & adapter
& $299-399 for installation.I've received a few do-it yourself possibilities to install the factory receiver. to be quite honest i don't think i could manage the install on my own. does anyone know or have installed xm in the prius-
1)where did you buy it? how much?
2)where did you have it installed? how much?
Thank you so much for any information you or anyone you know would have.

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I have a 06’ Prius.

1) As far as my research went I could only purchase the receiver & adapter from a Toyota Dealer. And I paid about $300.

2) I was able to install it myself. It was relatively easy. The receiver goes under the back seat on the passenger side, it connects to the stereo via the adapter kit cord, and then I placed the antenna in the upper right corner of the front window. **I have learned most installers will place the antenna on the front windshield (inside the vehicle). The reception was terrible!! And this was seconded by others with the same placement. I moved it to the roof just outside the back hatchback (it was close to the receiver and easy to run)....and it works soooo much better!**

If you have a mechanically inclined friend willing to help, give them a really can't hurt anything in your attempts.

But if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, check you local quality stereo installer for a less expensive option to a Toyota Dealer
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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