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hey all,
I've got a 05 DC Limited with JBL 6-disc. Front speakers have been buzzing for some time now, and I'm tired of using fader all the way to the back and still sounding like butt. So time for some upgrades, or new stuff, or something.

My first thought was to dump the whole system, but after thinking about it, what I am after is a better way to play my streaming music (spotify) and some better bass. So for the costs involved, if I can make that happen and keep the stock system, I'll go that way. Might be trading in for a newer truck within a year or so anyways.

There's a few options for adding in AUX / Bluetooth so I'll get to those in a week or two. Pulled my HU out to confirm today and there is indeed an empty Toyota 6x6 plug that allegedly can be used for an AUX/BT input. So I'll order one soon and plug that bad boy in and see what happens.


Today I pulled out my dead front 7" with the intention of swapping in a set of Kicker CS 6.5 4-ohm that I picked up at Best Buy this morning, but I ended up just leaving the holes empty. I'll figure out whether I replace the 7" or re-foam them or what. So right now it's running minus the front woofers. They still work, and foam is not rotted, it's just cleanly separated where it lays down in the frame. Probably going to super glue the piss out of it tomorrow and see if that works. Or maybe I might try re-adhering them with liquid electrical tape, that stuff is pretty bomb.


While I was at it, I dug through my storage unit and decided at noon that I was going to swap in some old parts I had laying around and kludge up a "spare parts sub".

Here's what I got in the storage unit:
Small trunk box with (3) JL Audio 8" subs; used to live in my previous '99 runner. It was never super loud but it always thumped just enough to keep me happy and sound decent without being super expensive or over the top.
JL j360.2 amp to go with the box
Rockford Fosgate Punch p400 amp also in there, and some JL C2 5.25 coax speakers.
Happy day to find all that forgotten in a box!!!!



Went in to the work warehouse and found a piece of 3/4" plywood that just so happened to be 10.5" wide. Which is about 3/8" shy of the size of the cover plate of under-seat storage in the rear of my truck. Nice!
Also realized that I had one leftover sheet of DynaMat that exactly matched that storage compartment. So I got crackin' and screwed in a piece of plywood and one of the 8".

(I'll post the sub install pics in a reply, I've hit the picture limit for a post)

Haven't yet figured out where to put the amp; probably going under front passenger seat for the time being. I'll bribe a buddy tomorrow to pre-game with some Courvoisier and help me get wire around the truck for the amp (he's got a stupid home theater so watching the game at his house anyways).

So today I spent $54 on those Kicker's but they are going back to Best Buy. Foolish impulse purchase. I've got the sub "baffle" built and installed so now all that's left is to wire the amp. I need to source a new pigtail for my JL amp, it has high level inputs but I don't have the Molex anymore. Or I'll pick up a LOC tomorrow morning if I get impatient. Other than that so far I'm only into this project for some time and a handful of screws from my work toolbox. Pretty happy day!


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Sub install - I've got about 30-40 pics from today's explorations but won't post them; if anyone wants example images of a JBL system in 05 DC let me know and I will happily share
Rough test fitting of JL Audio W3 8":

It fits fine without mod to the box; but it's very tight under the seat. I will pull out the plastic trim on bottom of seat later.

Time for some plywood and DynaMat!

Wasn't sure about plywood on top of carpet or underneath; I settled on plywood above carpet so that carpet will act like a gasket between wood and metal, help to seal and prevent rattling.

Test fit, then cut and trim and shove into place, the void by door side was tough to fit mat into:

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Now that the plywood fits the hole, and the box is lined with DynaMat, let's drop a mini-sub in there!


I don't own a jigsaw but a RotoZip worked really well; I used the speaker trim ring to mark the hole, plus I also had the old box to cheat off of.

Ok now it's all mocked up, let's do some test fitting:


Sub sits in the storage just fine; I picked an unfortunate spot too close to the hinges, plus the underseat trim is almost sitting on the sub. Trim must go away.

Tools needed for trim removal - philips screws holding it on, one 5mm hex wrench holding on the "foot", two 14mm bolts to free the hinges in order slide the trim out

had to pull these two bolts to remove the trim once it was unscrewed from the seat. Make sure to put these bad boys back on super tight. I don't know the torque specs but they are seat structural so keep em tight.

Much more underseat room with trim off:


Speaker hole is still not quite where I want it, it's very close to the wire supports under there. I'll probably end up re-doing the plywood baffle and moving the speaker closer to center. Plus I will want to try adding a second sub.


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Once you have made sure that everything will fit, make a hole for your wire. I used a scrap of DynaMat to seal the wire in the hole; once it's all working I'm sure I'll find some rattles to seal up but it's good for now. Make sure you leave a little slack of wire inside the box so you can hook up your sub easily.


I'm going to try tomorrow to stuff this JL amp under the front passenger seat. Kind of concerned about heat, airflow, plus the heater vents are under there. We'll see how it all shakes out. But can't really fit it anywhere else; I might end up cutting the rear wall plastic trim and see if it can go there.
At least right here I have easy access to the plugs and adjustments.


Well that's all I got done today, but it's a good start. four hours and only spare parts and i'm already a happy camper, can't wait to hook it all up!

Not sure what to do with the front door 7" yet. Probably going to order a set of the powerBass 7" 2-ohm.

I did notice that the front 7" is 2-ohm, the front 3" mid is supposed to also be 2-ohm, and they are wired in parallel. Wouldn't that make the combo a 1-ohm load?
I put a quality meter on the removed 7" and it measures exactly 2 ohms for a couple of seconds and then slowly goes down to zero. Never metered a speaker before, is that what is supposed to happen?
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