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weird. have no idea why they woudlnt put the LATCH on the outboard seats. hm.......anyway you can always add something but is it going to be safe and the right way? no. latch is to cut down on poorly installed seats but its not necessarily safer than the lap belt version. if you have the lap belt method installed correctly then its just as safe as the LATCH.

that said, not having a gen 1, are you saying it doesnt have the lower anchors or the top tethers? if its the lower anchors ive seen people use eye bolts with backing plates in classic cars, etc but of course you are totally on your own in a failure or accident....but the seats are designed to work with the lap belt as well so i'd go with the lap belt method before i'd ever try to retrofit a vehicle.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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